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Across Screens Across Boundaries Publication Edited book
Audio description and textuality Publication Journal article
Audio Description for Children: Once upon a time there was a different audio description for characters Publication Book chapter
Audio description for live performances and audience participation Publication Journal article
Audio introduction meets audio description: an Italian experiment Publication Journal article
Connecting the dots in audiovisual translation research: Translation, reception, accessibility and children Publication Book chapter
Deaf children and their access to audiovisual texts: Educational failure and the helplessness of the subtitler Publication Book chapter
Diálogos intertextuales 5. Between Text and Receiver: Translation and Accessibility. Entre texto y receptor: traducción y accesibilidad Publication Book
El subtitulado para sordos en las principales cadenas de televisión en España Publication Book chapter
El subtitulado para sordos y personas con discapacidad auditiva en Inglaterra Publication Book chapter
How sound is the Pear Tree Story? Testing the effect of varying audio stimuli on visual attention distribution Publication Journal article
Introduction to Multidisciplinarity in Audiovisual Translation Publication Journal article
Italians and television: A comparative study of the reception of subtitling and voice-over Publication Book chapter
La adaptación del subtitulado para personas sordas Publication Book chapter
Subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people on French television Publication Book chapter
Subtitulado para sordos: camino hacia una normativa. Análisis del éxito comunicativo de Chicken Run (Evasión en la Granja) y Pinocho 3000 Publication Book chapter
Subtitulos para sordos en la televisión alemana Publication Book chapter
Visual and narrative priorities of the blind and non-blind: eye tracking and audio description Publication Journal article
Type: Conference Presentation
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All is the keyword and the answer: opera accessibility at the Macerata Opera Festival Conference Presentation