Type: Conference Presentation
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The ACT project Conference Presentation
Accessible Culture and Training (ACT): defining a new professional profile Conference Presentation
Type: Publication
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"You Fancying Your Gora Coach Is Okay with Me": Translating Multilingual Films for an Italian Audience Publication Book chapter
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A corpus-based analysis of audio description Publication Book chapter
A world of change in a changing world Publication Book chapter
Access symbols for use with video content and information and communications technology devices Publication Book chapter
Accessibility: raising awareness of audio description in the UK Publication Book chapter
Accessibillity to Digital Society: Interaction for All Publication Book chapter
Accessible opera in Catalan: opera for all Publication Book chapter
Accessible opera: overcoming linguistic and sensorial barriers Publication Journal article
Algunas consideraciones sobre la audiodescripción comercial en España Publication Book chapter
All Together Now: A multi-language and multi-system mobile application to make live performing arts accessible Publication Journal article
An Interview with Jorge Arandes: Pioneering Audio Description Publication Journal article
Applying a Punctuation-based Segmentation to a New Add-on Display Mode of Respoken Subtitles Publication Book chapter
Audio describing Silence: Lost for Words Publication Book chapter
Audio describing text on screen Publication Book chapter
Audio Describing the TV series The West Wing: Towards a Coherent Practice Publication Journal article
Audio Description and Accessibility Studies: A Work in Progress Publication Book chapter
Type: Project
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Accessible Culture and Training Project