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Televisión accesible: ¿mito o realidad? Publication
Profiling Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Users of SDH in Italy: a Questionnaire-based Study Publication
Legislation on audiovisual and media accessibility in Italy and beyond: Spotlight on SDH Publication
Darstellung des Untersuchungsmaterials: Sequenzprotokoll, Einstellungsanalyse und Transkription Publication
Tradurre l'audiovisivo Publication
Le necessità dei sordi: la sottotitolazione in tempo reale all'università Publication
Real-Time Subtitling in Flanders: Needs and Teaching Publication
Il Servizio Sottotitoli RAI. Televideo per i non udenti Publication
Le necessità dei sordi: aspetti tecnici Publication
Cognitive load in intralingual and interlingual respeaking – a preliminary study Publication
Describing Facial Expressions: much more than meets the eye Publication
Exploring New Paths towards Game Accessibility Publication
Game Accessibility: Current Practices and Future Perspectives Publication
Graphic Emoticons as a Future Universal Symbolic Language Publication
The In-vision Sign Language Interpreter in British Television Drama Publication
De tolk als respeaker: een kwestie van training Publication
Live Subtitling with Speech Recognition: Causes and Consequences of Text Reduction Publication
La question du doublage Publication
La question du 'doublage' des films étrangers Publication
La querelle du doublage. Deux réponses à Jacques Becker: Denis Marion, Georges Sadoul Publication