Below a list of conference presentations dealing with media accessibility. Conference presentations can be listed according to "Title" or "Date" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Conference presentations
Title Date Sort ascending Author(s)
Shanghai audiodescriptors profile 05/10/2017-07/10/2017 Helena Casas-Tost, Irene Tor-Carroggio
DIS Database: a tool for studying the effects of alcohol and drugs in cinema and their translation 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Guillermo Parra
Challenges of marked speech in translation. Case study 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Aleksandra Hasior
Subtitling vs. voice-over: Censorship of expletives 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Anna Redzioch-Korkuz
Linguistic competences of the deaf in terms of the Polish language 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Paweł Aleksandrowicz
Respeaking profiles: What makes a ‘good’ respeaker? Does a particular profile exist? 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Zoe Moores
How to implement live subtitling on TV in 3 days? A case study from Poland 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Łukasz Dutka, Monika Szczygielska
A Polish-German story told in English? The Zookeeper’s Wife in the thicket of AVT 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Camilla Badstübner-Kizik
Bringing media accessibility in from the cold: A comparative analysis of collaborative and standard approaches to AD and SDH 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Joshua Branson
Dubbing and subtitling Thai soap operas featuring kathoey characters into Chinese: How are their voices conveyed to a Chinese audience 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Jooyin Saejang
Methodological approaches to multimodality in AVT research 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Gernot Hebenstreit
Scouting ‘marginal’ types of AVT: Transcreative AVT in Turkey 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Ayşe Şirin Okyayuz
Mapping the area of subtitling technologies: a sociological perspective 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Rafaella Athanasiadi
Subtitling in a kingdom of dubbing. Policies and practices of subtitling in Galician language 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Marta Pérez Pereiro
Training and certification of professionals in media accessibility 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Pilar Orero
Technical and linguistic accessibility: teaching and training audiovisual translators at a university level 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Juan-Pedro Rica-Peromingo
AD education at Fellingsbro folkhighschool, Sweden 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Lotta Lagerman, Maria Bleckur
“Feel” the AD: How to describe Greek films and foreign animation for Greek audience 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Ismini Karantzi, Evangelia Liakou
Audio description in Lithuania 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Laura Niedzviegienė
Pluricentric dubbing in French and Spanish: translating fictional orality and linguistic variation in films 25/09/2017-26/09/2017 Pascale Trencia