Below a list of conference presentations dealing with media accessibility. Conference presentations can be listed according to "Title" or "Date" by clicking on the header of each column.
List of Conference presentations
Title Date Sort descending Author(s)
Dubbing English into Italian: a closer look at the translation of spoken language 05/02/2004-07/02/2004 Maria Pavesi
Museums, galleries and historical sites: Accessibility for the blind and visually impaired visitors 06/06/2005-08/06/2005 Josep Maria Ania
Almodóvar just in words: audio description strategies in "Todo sobre mi madre (1999)" 06/06/2005-08/06/2005 Anna Ballester
CHILD’S PLAY? Common pitfalls in the videogames localisation industry 23/02/2012 Silvia Ferrero
Large Scale Game Accessibility 22/03/2012 Thomas Westin
Natural Interaction and Accessibility within Serious Games: A case-study approach 22/03/2012 Anna Badia, Oscar García
TradCloud: a new tool for collaborative translation 22/03/2012 Carlos Ballesteros
Task-based learning through 3-D game-like applications 22/03/2012 Anke Berns, Héctor D. Menéndez, David Camacho
Localizing scripts that simultaneously provide distinctive identity features and essential gameplay tools 22/03/2012 Alice Casarini
On the Educational Use of Video Games: a Tool on Language Acquisition 22/03/2012 Alberto Fernández
Translation and Accessibility in Transmedia Storytelling 22/03/2012 Nieves Gamonal
Money Isn’t Everything: On the Problems of Transcreating Video Games 22/03/2012 Stephen Mandiberg
LAIA CAT: Designing an educational game 22/03/2012 Carme Mangiron, Pilar Orero, Jordi Arnal
Immaterial and material paratextuality on videogame's translation 22/03/2012 Ramón Méndez
Fan translation: production and transformation 22/03/2012 Rafael Müller Galhardi
The Importance of Game Localization in Capturing International Markets 23/03/2012 Heather M. Chandler
Localising Video Games into Turkish: Crysis 2 as a Case Study 23/03/2012 Ilgin Aktener
How can translators make videogames accessible?: Proposal with open-source software for cognitive impaired users 23/03/2012 Eugenia Arrés
Facing cultural barriers in dating sims 23/03/2012 María Inmaculada Ávila, Alma R. Díaz, Mª Carmen Camacho, Cristina Escudero
Theory and Practice of Games Localisation: Academic Training vs Professional Reality in Spain and the United Kingdom 23/03/2012 Curri Barceló, Jennifer Vela