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Comments on U.K. guidelines on audio description Publication Working Paper
Confronting amateur and academic audiodescription: a Brazilian case study Publication Journal article
Cost-effectiveness of audio description production process: comparative analysis of outsourcing and ‘in-house’ methods Publication Journal article
Could Audio-Described Films Benefit from Audio Introductions?: An Audience Response Study Publication Journal article
Creación y gestión del conocimiento sobre accesibilidad universal en los medios de comunicación Publication Book chapter
Creating Coherence in Audio Description Publication Journal article
Creative description: The impact of audio description style on presence in visually impaired audiences Publication Journal article
Cross-fertilization between Reception Studies in Audio Description and Interpreting Quality Assessment: The Role of the Describer's Voice Publication Book chapter
Culture and coherence in the Pear Tree Project Publication Journal article
De imágenes a palabras: la audiodescripción como una nueva modalidad de traducción y de representación del conocimiento Publication Book chapter
Describing Facial Expressions: much more than meets the eye Publication Journal article
Designing a Course on Audio Description and Defining the Main Competences of the Future Professional Publication Journal article
Development of Audio Description in the UK Publication Book chapter
Diálogos intertextuales 5. Between Text and Receiver: Translation and Accessibility. Entre texto y receptor: traducción y accesibilidad Publication Book
Directing in Reverse Publication Book chapter
Directores en la sombra: personajes y su caracterización en el guión audiodescrito de Todo sobre mi madre (1999) Publication Book chapter
Type: MAP Item
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Decreto Nº 5.296, de 2 de dezembro de 2004 MAP Item Legislation
Type: Training Course
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Digital Accessibility Training Course MOOC
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Digital Television for All Project