Type: Publication
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"It's not what they said; it's how they said it": A corpus-based study on the translation of intonation for dubbing Publication Book chapter
"You Fancying Your Gora Coach Is Okay with Me": Translating Multilingual Films for an Italian Audience Publication Book chapter
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles Publication Journal article
Alfred Hitchcock presents: Multilingualism as a vehicle for… suspense. The Italian dubbing of Hitchcock’s multilingual films Publication Journal article
An empirical take on the dubbing vs. subtitling debate. An eye movement study Publication Journal article
Aproximación a la dirección de doblaje Publication Book chapter
Asymmetric representations of languages in contact: uses and translations of French and Spanish in Frasier Publication Journal article
Audiovisual Translation in a Global Context Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication Edited book
Audiovisual translation in Portugal: the story so far Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation. When modalities merge Publication Journal article
Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing Publication Book
AVT-LP (Audiovisual Translation Learning Platform): a new tool for audiovisual translation training Publication Journal article
Beyond Monolingualism: a Descriptive and Multimodal Methodology for the Dubbing of Polyglot Films Publication PhD thesis
Censoring Lolita's sense of humour: when translating affects the audience's perception Publication Journal article
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7th Media for All International Conference Event Conference
Type: Training Course
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Ajuste y adaptación de la traducción para el doblaje Training Course Professional training course