Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Code-switching and screen translation in British and American films and their Italian dubbed version: a socio-linguistic and pragmatic perspective Publication Journal article
Codeswitching and multicultural identity in screen translation Publication Book chapter
Converses espontànies o converses prefabricades? Les interjeccions en comèdies de situació catalanes i doblades Publication Journal article
Dealing with Multilingual Films in Audiovisual Translation Publication Book chapter
Dealing with paratextual elements in dubbing Publication Journal article
Del guió a la pantalla: trets de l’oral col·loquial en comèdies de situació pròpies i doblades Publication Journal article
Der Film 'König Lear.' Aufgaben und Probleme der deutschprachigen Synchronisation Publication Journal article
Der Übertragungsprozess bei der Synchronisation von Filmen. Eine interkulturelle Untersuchung Publication Book
Diálogos intertextuales 5. Between Text and Receiver: Translation and Accessibility. Entre texto y receptor: traducción y accesibilidad Publication Book
Dirección de doblaje y adaptación de textos audiovisuales: Parámetros profesionales Publication Book chapter
Discourse Markers in Audiovisual Translating Publication Journal article
Doblatge i subtitulació per a la TV Publication Book
Doppiaggio, sottotitoli e fenomeni di code-switching e code-mixing: La traduzione dei testi mistilingui Publication Journal article
Dubbed and snubbed Publication Journal article
Dubbing a TV Drama Series. The Case of The West Wing Publication Journal article
Dubbing and the non-verbal dimension of translation Publication Book chapter
Dubbing and Voice-over Publication Book chapter
Dubbing animation into Spanish: behind the voices of animated characters Publication Journal article
Type: Training Course
Title Type Subtype
Dubbing and subtitling Training Course University Course