Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Tradurre il multilinguismo al cinema: Lingue, identità culturali e loro rappresentazione sullo schermo Publication PhD thesis
Translating audiovisual texts in the bilingual context of the Catalan-speaking areas: the case of Spanish Catalan translation Publication Journal article
Translating French into French: The case of Close Encounters of the Third Kind Publication Journal article
Translating Heterolingual Audiovisual Humor: Beyond the Blinkers of Traditional Thinking Publication Book chapter
Translating Humour in Audiovisual Texts Publication Edited book
Translating Multilingual Audiovisual Texts. Priorities, Restrictions, Theoretical Implications Publication PhD thesis
Translating Multimodalities Publication Journal article
Translating nonverbal communication in dubbing Publication Book chapter
Translating Popular Film Publication Book
Translation as Alchemy: The Aesthetics of Multilingualism in Film Publication Journal article
Translation goes to the Movies Publication Book
Translation in constrained communication and entertainment Publication Book chapter
Translations for dubbing as dynamic texts: strategies in film synchronisation Publication Journal article
Un recorrido por la voz superpuesta Publication Book chapter
Universally speaking: Lost in Translation and polyglot cinema Publication Journal article
Versions originales et films doublés Publication Journal article
Voice-over or Voice-in-between? Some Considerations about the Voice-over Translation of Feature Films on Polish Television Publication Book chapter
Voiceover and dubbing Publication Book chapter
Yinglish in Woody Allen’s films: A dubbing issue Publication Journal article