Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
A controlled language-based evaluation approach to ensure image accessibility during web localisation Publication Journal article
Assuring accessibility during web localisation. An empirical investigation on the achievement of appropriate text alternatives for images Publication PhD thesis
Audio Description with Audio Subtitling – an emergent modality of audiovisual localisation Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation. When modalities merge Publication Journal article
Características diferenciales de la traducción publicitaria. El papel del traductor de anuncios. Publication Book chapter
Fun for All. Translation and Accessibility Practices in Video Games Publication Edited book
Games without borders: the cultural dimension of game localisation Publication Journal article
La gestión de proyectos de traducción audiovisual en España. Seis estudios de caso Publication PhD thesis
Media Across Borders Localising TV, Film and Video Games Publication Edited book
Reflexiones sobre la traducción audiovisual. Tres espectros, tres momentos Publication Book
Respeaking e Localizzazione Publication Journal article
The MultilingualWeb (MLW) Project: A Collaborative Approach and a Challenge for Translation Studies Publication Book chapter
Towards Defining the Role of Localisation Professionals in the Achievement of Multilingual Web Accessibility Publication Journal article
Translating Humour in Audiovisual Texts Publication Edited book
¿Videojuegos para todos? Panorama actual de la accesibilidad en videojuegos Publication Book chapter
Type: Event
Title Type Subtype
The Future of Media Accessibility: Issues and Visions Event Conference