The modality section "Media Accessibility" covers all the data in MAP related to media accessibility that do not deal with one or more specific Modalities.
Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Réflexions sur quelques termes de cinéma et de télévision Publication Journal article
Research on audiovisual Translation: some objective conclusions, or the birth of an academic field Publication Book chapter
Revolution auf dem Bildschirm: die neuen Medien Videotext und Bildschirmtext Teletext Publication Book
Social and private speech in an interpreted meeting of deafblind persons Publication Journal article
Sociedad, integración y TV en España Publication Book
Software libre para conseguir la inclusión digital Publication Book chapter
Speech recognition of broadcast sports news Publication Working Paper
Speech technologies for blind and low vision persons Publication Journal article
Study on Assessing and Promoting E-Accessibility Publication Report
Survey Design for Visually Impaired and Blind People Publication Conference Proceedings
Teaching Audiovisual Accessibility Publication Journal article
Televisión accesible: ¿mito o realidad? Publication Journal article
Televisión para personas con problemas de audición o visión Publication Journal article
Terminological challenges in the translation of science documentaries: a case-study Publication Journal article
Terminologie du cinéma Publication Journal article
Text Entry for People with Visual Impairments Publication Book chapter
The age at which young children receive cochlear implants and their vocabulary and speech-production growth: Is there an added value for early implantation? Publication Journal article
The Applications of Action Research to Audiovisual Translation Publication Book chapter
Type: Event
Title Type Subtype
Seminario Internacional sobre Traducción y Accesibilidad al Patrimonio Event Conference
Type: MAP Item
Title Type Subtype
Shenxin Zhang’aizhe Quanli Gongyue Shixingfa MAP Item Legislation