The modality section "Media Accessibility" covers all the data in MAP related to media accessibility that do not deal with one or more specific Modalities.
Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
The Effectiveness of Verbal Information Provided by Electronic Travel Aids for Visually Impaired Persons Publication Journal article
The Knowledge Translation Toolkit. Bridging the Know-Do Gap. A Resource for Researchers Publication Book
The power of the treacherous interpreter: Multilingualism in Jacques Audiard’s Un prophète Publication Journal article
The reading ability of deaf school-leavers Publication Journal article
The Revised Television without Frontiers Directive: is it fit for the next century? Publication Journal article
The Training of Blind Students at the SSLMIT Trieste Publication Journal article
The turn of audiovisual translation: New audiences and new technologies Publication Journal article
The Ways of Synesthetic Translation: Design models for media accessibility Publication Conference Proceedings
Toolkit on providing, delivering and campaigning for audio description on television and film Publication Report
Topics in Audiovisual Translation Publication Edited book
Trabajo colaborativo y desempeño profesional: un caso práctico en la clase de accesibilidad audiovisual Publication Journal article
Traduções subjetivas acerca do discurso da inclusão Publication Journal article
Tradurre l'audiovisivo Publication Book
Translating documentaries: from Neanderthals to the Supernanny Publication Journal article
Translating Fun for All: Promoting Accessibility in Video Games Publication Book chapter
Translating web multimodalities: Towards inclusive web localization Publication Journal article