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Acessibilidade em comunicação na televisão MAP Item Standards
Decreto Nº 5.296, de 2 de dezembro de 2004 MAP Item Legislation
Type: Event
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7th Media for All International Conference Event Conference
Type: Publication
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A Inclusão do Surdo na Universidade – Mito ou Realidade? Publication Journal article
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles Publication Journal article
Access to Postsecondary Education through Sign Language Interpreting Publication Journal article
Accessibility to the media by hearing impaired audiences in Poland: problems, paradoxes, perspectives Publication Book chapter
Accessibility to Theater for Deaf and Deaf-Blind People: Legal, Language and Artistic Considerations Publication Journal article
Accessible Web for Deaf and Hard of Hearing with Transparent Multimodal Sign Language Interpreter Module Publication PhD thesis
An annotation system for signed language interpreting corpora Publication Journal article
Attitudes towards the use of subtitles and sign language inserts for the deaf and hard of hearing on television Publication Book
Audiovisual translation for accessible media in Portugal Publication Journal article
Characteristics and Practices of Sign Language Interpreters in Inclusive Education Programs Publication Journal article
Chinese Deaf viewers' comprehension of sign language interpreting on television. An experimental study Publication Journal article
Court Interpreting for Deaf Persons: Culture, Communication, and the Courts Publication Journal article
Creación y gestión del conocimiento sobre accesibilidad universal en los medios de comunicación Publication Book chapter
Deaf access for Deaf people: the translation of the television news from English into British Sign Language Publication Book chapter
Deaf interpreters in Europe: a glimpse into the cradle of an emerging profession Publication Journal article
Deaf People Interpreting on Television Publication Journal article
Type: Project
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Accessible Culture and Training Project