Type: Publication
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Making music television accessible to a hard-of-hearing audience Publication Book chapter
Making sound accessible: the labelling of sound-effects in subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing Publication Journal article
Maximum font size for subtitles in Standard Definition Digital Television: Tests for a font magnifying application Publication Book chapter
Media accessibility in HBBTV: Interaction for all Publication Book chapter
Media for All: Subtitling for the Deaf, Audio Description and Sign Language Publication Edited book
Music to my eyes... Conveying music in subtitling for the deaf and the hard of hearing Publication Book chapter
Near-Verbatim Captioning Versus Edited Captioning for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Preliminary Investigation of Effects on Comprehension Publication Journal article
New Insights into Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility. Media for All 2 Publication Book
New Points of View on Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility Publication Edited book
New Trends In Audiovisual Translation: The Latest Challenging Modes Publication Journal article
Norma UNE 153010 Subtitulado para personas sordas y personas con discapacidad auditiva. Publication Book
Parameters in television captioning for the deaf and hard-of- hearing adults: Effects of caption rate versus text reduction on comprehension Publication Journal article
Parámetros de análisis en la subtitulación accesible Publication Book chapter
Por um modelo de legendagem para surdos no Brasil Publication Journal article
Type: Conference Presentation
Title Type
Mapping Media Accessibility Across the World Conference Presentation
Mapping Media Accessibility Across the World Conference Presentation
Type: Training Course
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MOOC on Media Accessibility Training Course MOOC