Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Por una preparación de calidad en accesibilidad audiovisual Publication Journal article
Processing Subtitles and Film Images. Hearing vs Deaf Viewers Publication Journal article
Profiling Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Users of SDH in Italy: a Questionnaire-based Study Publication Journal article
Proposta di un manuale di sottotitolazione per i sordi Publication Book chapter
Qualitätsstudie zu Live-Untertitelungen – am Beispiel des “TV-Duells Publication Journal article
Reading Function and Content Words in Subtitled Videos Publication Journal article
Reading speed in subtitling for hearing impaired children: an analysis in Spanish television Publication Journal article
Real Time Subtitling: A Spanish Overview Publication Journal article
Recursos de Acessibilidade aplicados ao Ensino Superior Publication Edited book
Reflexiones sobre la traducción audiovisual. Tres espectros, tres momentos Publication Book
Research on Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: TOP SECRET? Publication Journal article
Shadow speaking for real-time closed-captioning of TV broadcasts in French Publication Book chapter
Signing and Subtitling on Polish Television: A Case of (In)accessibility Publication Book chapter
Spanish deaf people as recipients of closed captioning Publication Book chapter
Speech recognition in assisted live subtitling for televison Publication Working Paper
Strategies for rendering multilingualism in subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing Publication Journal article
Subtitle synchronization across multiple screens and devices Publication Journal article
Subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people on French television Publication Book chapter
Type: Event
Title Type Subtype
Ragusa and Montalbano: translating Camilleri’s regionalised voices in AVT Event Conference