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Acessibilidade em comunicação na televisão MAP Item Standards
ATSC Standard: Captions and Subtitles (A/343) MAP Item Standards
Type: Publication
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"You Fancying Your Gora Coach Is Okay with Me": Translating Multilingual Films for an Italian Audience Publication Book chapter
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles Publication Journal article
Abrindo os olhos sobre a Ditadura Militar: audiodescrição como recurso de manutenção da memória brasileira [Opening the eyes about dictatorship: audio description as a resource of Brazilian memory's maintenance] Publication Journal article
Accessibility and usability in the context of human-computer interaction Publication Book chapter
Accessibility for the scenic arts Publication PhD thesis
Accessible opera: overcoming linguistic and sensorial barriers Publication Journal article
An account of interlingual subtitling in multilingual films on the grounds of an integrated model for the analysis of audiovisual texts Publication Book chapter
An empirical take on the dubbing vs. subtitling debate. An eye movement study Publication Journal article
Audiovisual Translation and Language Learning: The Promotion of Intralingual Subtitles Publication Journal article
Audiovisual Translation in a Global Context Publication Book chapter
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication Edited book
Audiovisual translation in Portugal: the story so far Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation. When modalities merge Publication Journal article
Audiovisual Translation: Subtitles and Subtitling. Theory and Practice Publication Edited book
Audiovisual translation: subtitling Publication Book
AVT-LP (Audiovisual Translation Learning Platform): a new tool for audiovisual translation training Publication Journal article
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7th Media for All International Conference Event Conference
Type: Project
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Accessible Culture and Training Project