Type: MAP Item
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Guidelines for supporting remote participation in meetings for all MAP Item Guidelines
Type: Publication
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Guidelines for the Subtitling of Television Programmes Publication Book
Handbook for Television Subtitlers Publication Book
Heterolingualism in Audiovisual Translation: De Zaak Alzheimer / La Memoria del Asesino Publication Book chapter
Il sopratitolaggio: Definizione e differenze con il sottotitolaggio [Surtitling: Definitions and differences as compared with subtitling] Publication Journal article
Implantación de la accesibilidad en la televisión digital: situación actual y futuros desarrollos [Introducing media accessibility in digital TV: present situation and future developments] Publication Book chapter
In support of creative subtitling: contemporary context and theoretical framework Publication Journal article
Intergenerational Verbal Conflicts, Plurilingualism and Banlieue Cinema Publication Book chapter
Interlingual Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Publication Book chapter
Intralingual and Interlingual Subtitling: A Discussion of the Mode and Medium in Film Translation Publication Journal article
Intralingual open subtitling in Flanders: audiovisual translation, linguistic variation and audience needs Publication Journal article
Intralingual subtitling of the Slovene dialectal film Petelinji zajtrk (Rooster's Breakfast) Publication Journal article
Introduction: Multimodality as challenge and resource for translation Publication Journal article
Is subtitling equally effective everywhere? A first cross-national study on the reception of interlingually subtitled messages? Publication Journal article
Italians and television: A comparative study of the reception of subtitling and voice-over Publication Book chapter
L'enseignement du sous-titrage: défi technologique ou appel à l'imagination? Publication Journal article
La adaptación del subtitulado para personas sordas Publication Book chapter
Type: Project
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Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television for All Project