Type: Publication
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Reading Television: Checking Deaf People's Reactions to Closed Subtitling in Fortaleza, Brazil Publication Journal article
Real-time subtitling in Spain Publication Journal article
Real-time subtitling in Taiwan Publication Journal article
Recursos de Acessibilidade aplicados ao Ensino Superior Publication Edited book
Reflexiones sobre la traducción audiovisual. Tres espectros, tres momentos Publication Book
Respeaking the BBC News: A Strategic Analysis of Respeaking on the BBC Publication Journal article
Respeaking the TV for the Deaf: For a Real Special Needs-Oriented Subtitling Publication Journal article
Same-language subtitling on Indian television: Harnessing the power of popular culture for literacy Publication Book chapter
Screen Translation. Eight Studies in Subtitling, Dubbing and Voice-Over Publication Book
Servicios de accesibilidad para tod@s Publication Book chapter
Soporte tecnológico al subtitulado Publication Book chapter
Sous-titres et sous-titrage Publication Journal article
Speech-Based Real-Time Subtitling Services Publication Journal article
Spoken Subtitles: making subtitled TV programmes accessible Publication Journal article
Sub-titling: the Intelligent Solution Publication Book chapter
SUBSORDIG: The need for a deep analysis of data Publication Book chapter
Subtitles and Language Learning: Principles, strategies and practical experiences Publication Edited book
Subtitles: On the foreignness of film Publication Edited book
Type: Conference Presentation
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Source text deformation in AVT: subtitling vs. dubbing. Conference Presentation
Type: Project
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Subtitles and Language Learning Project