Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Subtitling and Intercultural Communication. European Languages and Beyond Publication Edited book
Subtitling and the promotion of multilingualism: the case of marginalised languages in South Africa Publication Journal article
Subtitling and the Relevance of Non-verbal Information in Polyglot Films Publication Journal article
Subtitling Brasilian Telenovelas for Portuguese Deaf Audiences: An Action Reserarch Project Publication Journal article
Subtitling Language Diversity in Spanish Immigration Films Publication Journal article
Subtitling multilingual films Publication Journal article
Subtitling Multilingual Films: The Case of Inglorious Basterds Publication Journal article
Subtitling norms for television Publication Book
Subtitling: The Art of the Film Translator Publication Book chapter
Surtitling Operas. With Examples of Translations from German into French and Dutch Publication Book chapter
Switched On: Deaf People's Views on Television Subtitling Publication Book
Synchronisation, Untertitel, 'voice over': Übersetzung in argentinischen Fernsehen Publication Book chapter
Tailor-made interlingual subtitling as a means to enhance second language acquisition Publication Book chapter
Teaching advertising translation: A didactic proposal Publication Journal article
The didactics of audiovisual translation Publication Edited book
The Ever-Changing World of Subtitling: Some Major Developments Publication Book chapter
The interpretation and visual attention of hearing impaired children when watching a subtitled cartoon Publication Journal article
The interpreter as traitor: Multilingualism in Guizi lai le (Devils on the Doorstep) Publication Journal article
Type: Conference Presentation
Title Type
The construct of naturalness in subtitling: a viewer perspective Conference Presentation
Type: Event
Title Type Subtype
The Future of Media Accessibility: Issues and Visions Event Conference