Understanding User Responses to Live Closed Captioning in Canada
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The primary objective of this project is to better understand subjective live captioning preferences across demographic profiles for cross-sector (i.e. different closed captioning user classes), in Canadian content to inform the development of products and services, thereby improving accessibility in broadcasting. The research will focus on consumers’ subjective reactions to live captioning, a matter that is not clearly understood at present, but which is very important to progress on improving accessibility to broadcasting.
It is intended to be a broad study of consumer reactions and expectations, with an adequate sample, randomly selected, but covering the “cross sector” range of different types of captioning consumers. The mutual aim of broadcasters, caption providers, and the Captioning Consumer Advocacy Alliance (CCAA) organizations is to provide the best captioning possible; progress toward that goal will be aided greatly by a better understanding of how consumers evaluate captioning.
Submitted by Pilar Orero on Wed, 14/06/2017 - 18:10