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Applying a Punctuation-based Segmentation to a New Add-on Display Mode of Respoken Subtitles
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Book chapter
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Audiovisual translation and media accessibility at the crossroads. Media for all 3
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Since 1983, SWISS TXT - a subsidiary of the Swiss public broadcasting corporation (SRG SSR idée suisse) - has been providing subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing in three of Switzerland's national language: French and Italian. Speech-recognition software has been used since 2008 to subtitle live television programmes in French, German and Italian. Two issues are at stake when subtitling: (1) how to subtitle real live events such as football games, chat shows, parliamentary debates and correspondents' reports, and (2) how deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers can follow the broadcasting of these events on television. The answers to both questions lie in live subtitles. Throughout the implementation and development of live subtitling, the aim has been to improve the service. This contribution describes the challenges posed by speech-recognition systems and the technology and techniques that - in collaboration with WDR Videotext and the engineers from FAB - have been developed at SWISS TXT. It focuses on ways to improve transmission speed and achieve an optimum display mode of respoken subtitles.
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