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Attitudes towards the use of subtitles and sign language inserts for the deaf and hard of hearing on television
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The present thesis is a study of Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH) withspecial focus on the Portuguese context. On the one hand, it accounts for a descriptiveanalysis of SDH in various European countries with the aim of arriving at the norms thatgovern present practices and that may be found in the form of guidelines and / or in actualsubtitled products. On the other hand, it is the result of an Action Research project thataimed at contributing towards the improvement of SDH practices in Portugal. These twolines of research are brought together in the proposal of a set of guidelines –
Sistema deLegendagem vKv
– for the provision of SDH on Portuguese television.This research positions itself within the theoretical framework of Translation Studies (TS) bytaking a descriptive approach to its subject. Nonetheless, it takes a step beyond to seekreasons and to propose change rather than to simply describe objects and actions. Given itstopic and methodological approach, this research also drank from other fields ofknowledge such as Deaf Studies, Sociology, Linguistics and Cinema Studies, among others.In this context, SDH is addressed as a service to Deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers, thusimplying a functional approach to all that it entails. In order to arrive at an encompassingunderstanding of the subject, in the body of this work, we may find a summary of thehistory of SDH, as well as an overview of the overriding and specific issues that characterisethis type of subtitling. Following this, the Portuguese situation is made known through theaccount of five case studies that were carried out in the course of 2002 and 2003.In response to the needs and requirements of Portuguese Deaf and hard-of-hearingviewers, the proposed set of guidelines is based on the special concern for adequacy andreadability and is envisaged as a useful tool for students and practitioners of SDH.
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