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Survey Design for Visually Impaired and Blind People
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Conference Proceedings
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4th International conference on Universal access in human computer interaction: coping with diversity
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This paper presents guidelines for the design of self-administered surveys for visually impaired and blind people within a mixed mode approach. The different needs of the target group are fulfilled by offering different modes of participation (paper-based, braille-bas ed, Web-based). Reading aids have in common that they enhance the focus of a specific piece of text or single word. This advantage turns into a disadvantage in terms of a clear overview and arrangement of the text elements on a page. Therefore text needs to be designed with cognitive processes and accessibility st andards in mind. This is especially true for a survey questionnaire where each question and answer item has to convey its own special meaning independent from context. Design problems and their solutions are described and illustrated with experiences from pretesting and a case study.
Submitted by Irene Tor on Sun, 05/11/2017 - 16:09