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Audio describing the exposition phase of films. Teaching students what to choose
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Journal article
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Ever more countries are including audio description (AD) in their audiovisual products, which results on the one hand in a need for training future describers and on the other in a need to provide trainers with adequate tools for teaching. Existing AD guidelines are undoubtedly valuable instruments for beginning audio describers, but they are not perfect in that they do not provide answers to certain essential questions, such as what should be described in situations where it is impossible to describe everything that can be seen. The present article looks at one such situation, the exposition phase of films, and tries to show how a better insight into film narration and a better perception of the many visual clues used by the filmmaker might help audio describers decide on what information to prioritize. The audio description of the expository sequence of the movie Ransom is studied and the principles set forth in the theoretical part are applied to it.
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