Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
Discapacidad visual y estudios de Traducción e Interpretación: repercusión en las asignaturas de lengua y cultura francesas Publication Book chapter
A Comparison of Alternative Narrative Approaches to Video Description for Animated Comedy Publication Journal article
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A corpus-based analysis of audio description Publication Book chapter
A new hope? Experiences of accessibility of services in deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences post-digital television switchover Publication Journal article
A Report on a Novice User's Interaction with the Internet through a Self-Voicing Application Publication Journal article
A Sociolinguistic Approach to Real-time Subtitling: Respeaking vs. Shadowing and Simultaneous Interpreting Publication Book chapter
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles Publication Journal article
A Translational and Narratological Approach to Audio Describing Narrative Characters Publication Journal article
A world of change in a changing world Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad a los medios audiovisuales para personas con discapacidad Amadis '07 Publication Conference Proceedings
Accesibilidad de la cultura visual: límites y perspectivas Publication Journal article
Accesibilidad de las personas con discapacidad auditiva al cine Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad de las personas sordas a la comunicación, a la información y al conocimiento Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad en televisión para personas ciegas Publication Book chapter