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A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
Accessibilità e sicurezza dei luoghi di spettacolo. Note su criteri impositivi, criteri prescrittivi e buone prassi Publication Book
Accessibility for the scenic arts Publication PhD thesis
Accessibility to Theater for Deaf and Deaf-Blind People: Legal, Language and Artistic Considerations Publication Journal article
All Together Now: A multi-language and multi-system mobile application to make live performing arts accessible Publication Journal article
Audiodescrição: Transformando Imagens em Palavras Publication Edited book
Audioeinführungen als Zusatzangebot zu Audiodeskriptionen? Publication Journal article
Audioguías para ‘los sentidos': un turismo de todos y para todos Publication Journal article
Characteristics and Practices of Sign Language Interpreters in Inclusive Education Programs Publication Journal article
Conférence-spectacle. Des gueux et des couleurs : Traduction et mise en oeuvre de quelques airs du Beggar's Opera de Benjamin Britten [Surtitling: challenges, licenses and constraints] Publication Book chapter
Court Interpreting for Deaf Persons: Culture, Communication, and the Courts Publication Journal article
Das Drama zwischen Literatur und Technik - Übertiteln und Dolmetschen auf, hinter und neben der Bühne Publication Book chapter
De tolk als respeaker: een kwestie van training Publication Journal article
Deaf access for Deaf people: the translation of the television news from English into British Sign Language Publication Book chapter
Ear-voice span and pauses in intra- and interlingual respeaking: an exploratory study into temporary aspects of the respeaking process Publication Journal article
English in International Deaf Communication Publication Edited book
Type: Conference Presentation
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Accessibility and Performing Arts Management Conference Presentation
Type: Event
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ACT/Unlimited! 2 Symposium Event Conference
Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description (ARSAD 2017) Event Conference
Type: News
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ACT/Unlimited! 2 Symposium News