Type: Publication
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'Why can't you wear black shoes like the other mothers?' Preliminary investigation on the Italian language of audio description Publication Book chapter
"You Fancying Your Gora Coach Is Okay with Me": Translating Multilingual Films for an Italian Audience Publication Book chapter
Accessibility and multilingualism: an exploratory study on the machine translation of audio descriptions Publication Journal article
Accessible filmmaking: Joining the dots between audiovisual translation, accessibility and filmmaking Publication Journal article
Alfred Hitchcock presents: Multilingualism as a vehicle for… suspense. The Italian dubbing of Hitchcock’s multilingual films Publication Journal article
An account of interlingual subtitling in multilingual films on the grounds of an integrated model for the analysis of audiovisual texts Publication Book chapter
Asymmetric representations of languages in contact: uses and translations of French and Spanish in Frasier Publication Journal article
Audio description and textuality Publication Journal article
Audio description. New perspectives illustrated Publication Edited book
Audiovisual Translation and Language Learning: The Promotion of Intralingual Subtitles Publication Journal article
Audiovisual translation in close-up. Practical and theoretical approaches Publication Edited book
Audiovisual Translation: Dubbing Publication Book
Beyond Monolingualism: a Descriptive and Multimodal Methodology for the Dubbing of Polyglot Films Publication PhD thesis
Type: Conference Presentation
Title Type
Accessibility and Performing Arts Management Conference Presentation
Accessibility, Human Rights, and the Ghetto Effect Conference Presentation
Accessibility, Human Rights, and the Ghetto Effect Conference Presentation
Accessibility, Media Accessibility, and Human Rights Conference Presentation
Accessible Filmmaking Conference Presentation
Type: Event
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Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description (ARSAD 2017) Event Conference