Type: Publication
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A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A Sociolinguistic Approach to Real-time Subtitling: Respeaking vs. Shadowing and Simultaneous Interpreting Publication Book chapter
Accessing communication: The quality of live subtitles in the UK Publication Journal article
Accuracy Rate in Live Subtitling: The NER Model Publication Book chapter
Applying a Punctuation-based Segmentation to a New Add-on Display Mode of Respoken Subtitles Publication Book chapter
Closed Captioning: Subtitling, Stenography, and the Digital Convergence of Text with Television Publication Book
Computer-assisted closed-captioning of live TV broadcasts in French Publication Book chapter
De tolk als respeaker: een kwestie van training Publication Journal article
Ear-voice span and pauses in intra- and interlingual respeaking: an exploratory study into temporary aspects of the respeaking process Publication Journal article
Effects of text chunking on subtitling: A quantitative and qualitative examination Publication Journal article
Evaluation of Live-subtitles Publication Book chapter
Il caso della narrazione voice-over in Blade Runner e della sua spiegabile scomparsa Publication Journal article
Il rispeakeraggio televisivo per sordi. Per una sottotitolazione mirata del TG Publication Journal article
Il Servizio Sottotitoli RAI. Televideo per i non udenti Publication Journal article
Introduzione al rispeakeraggio televisivo Publication Journal article
Italians and television: A comparative study of the reception of subtitling and voice-over Publication Book chapter
La sottotitolazione in diretta TV. Analisi strategica del rispeakeraggio verbatim di BBC News Publication PhD thesis
Type: Event
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Interlingual Respeaking: When Interpreting Meets Live Subtitling Event Workshop