Type: Publication
Title Type Subtype
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A controlled language-based evaluation approach to ensure image accessibility during web localisation Publication Journal article
A Report on a Novice User's Interaction with the Internet through a Self-Voicing Application Publication Journal article
A Sociolinguistic Approach to Real-time Subtitling: Respeaking vs. Shadowing and Simultaneous Interpreting Publication Book chapter
Abrindo os olhos sobre a Ditadura Militar: audiodescrição como recurso de manutenção da memória brasileira [Opening the eyes about dictatorship: audio description as a resource of Brazilian memory's maintenance] Publication Journal article
Accesibilidad de las personas con discapacidad auditiva al cine Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad de las personas sordas a la comunicación, a la información y al conocimiento Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad en televisión de Cataluña Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad web a través de la descripción de imágenes Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad web, imágenes y traducción técnica Publication Book chapter
Access to Multimedia Presentations for Students with Visual Impairments Publication Journal article
Accessibility for the scenic arts Publication PhD thesis
Accessibility to Theater for Deaf and Deaf-Blind People: Legal, Language and Artistic Considerations Publication Journal article
Accessibillity to Digital Society: Interaction for All Publication Book chapter
Accessible Videodescription On-Demand Publication Book chapter
Accessible Web for Deaf and Hard of Hearing with Transparent Multimodal Sign Language Interpreter Module Publication PhD thesis
Accessing communication: The quality of live subtitles in the UK Publication Journal article
Across Screens Across Boundaries Publication Edited book