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'Why can't you wear black shoes like the other mothers?' Preliminary investigation on the Italian language of audio description Publication Book chapter
A Comparative Study of Audio Description Guidelines Prevalent in Different Countries Publication Book
A Comparison of Alternative Narrative Approaches to Video Description for Animated Comedy Publication Journal article
A corpus-based analysis of audio description Publication Book chapter
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons Too! An Introduction to Audiodescription Publication Book
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles Publication Journal article
A Translational and Narratological Approach to Audio Describing Narrative Characters Publication Journal article
Abrindo os olhos sobre a Ditadura Militar: audiodescrição como recurso de manutenção da memória brasileira [Opening the eyes about dictatorship: audio description as a resource of Brazilian memory's maintenance] Publication Journal article
Accesibilidad de la cultura visual: límites y perspectivas Publication Journal article
Accesibilidad e inclusión en los textos multimodales: la audiodescripción de la imagen dinámica Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad en televisión para personas ciegas Publication Book chapter
Accessibility and multilingualism: an exploratory study on the machine translation of audio descriptions Publication Journal article
Accessibility to Theater for Deaf and Deaf-Blind People: Legal, Language and Artistic Considerations Publication Journal article
Accessibility: raising awareness of audio description in the UK Publication Book chapter
Accessible opera in Catalan: opera for all Publication Book chapter
Accessible opera: overcoming linguistic and sensorial barriers Publication Journal article
Accessible Videodescription On-Demand Publication Book chapter
Acessibilidade audiovisual: produção inclusiva nos contextos acadêmicos, culturais e nas plataformas web Publication Edited book
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7th Media for All International Conference Event Conference
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Accessible Culture and Training Project