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Acessibilidade em comunicação na televisão MAP Item Standards
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'There is research and research': Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) Publication Book chapter
10 fallacies about Subtitling for the d/Deaf and the hard of hearing Publication Journal article
A comprehensive bibliography on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach Publication Book chapter
A new hope? Experiences of accessibility of services in deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences post-digital television switchover Publication Journal article
A Tool for Social Integration? Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles Publication Journal article
A world of change in a changing world Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad de las personas con discapacidad auditiva al cine Publication Book chapter
Accesibilidad de las personas sordas a la comunicación, a la información y al conocimiento Publication Book chapter
Accessibility and usability in the context of human-computer interaction Publication Book chapter
Accessibility to the media by hearing impaired audiences in Poland: problems, paradoxes, perspectives Publication Book chapter
Accessibility to Theater for Deaf and Deaf-Blind People: Legal, Language and Artistic Considerations Publication Journal article
Accessible Web for Deaf and Hard of Hearing with Transparent Multimodal Sign Language Interpreter Module Publication PhD thesis
Acessibilidade audiovisual: produção inclusiva nos contextos acadêmicos, culturais e nas plataformas web Publication Edited book
All Together Now: A multi-language and multi-system mobile application to make live performing arts accessible Publication Journal article
Análisis de la comprensión por parte del alumnado sordo de los documentos televisivos subtitulados y criterios de mejora Publication Journal article
Attention and Dual Coding Theory. A study on the interaction. Publication PhD thesis
Attitudes towards the use of subtitles and sign language inserts for the deaf and hard of hearing on television Publication Book
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7th Media for All International Conference Event Conference
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Accessible Culture and Training Project