DTV4All is a project funded by the European Commission, under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme, to facilitate the provision of access services on digital television across the European Union.

What are access services?
People who are hard of hearing or deaf need subtitles or deaf signing to be provided with television programmes if they are to fully appreciate its dialogue. People who are partially sighted or blind need audio description provided with a television programme if they are to fully appreciate the context of what they hear. Such services enable their users to access the storyline of a television programme so are known as access services.

The ethos of DTV4All
There are two basic scenarios for the provision of access services. In the first, those with impairments are expected to buy a suitable integrated digital television or a specialised digital television set-top box that can support the access services they want or have it provided by the public health system. In the second, society takes collective responsibility for inclusivity and ensures that set-top-boxes targeted at the general user can support core access services, especially given that certain improvements made for vulnerable groups can be beneficial to all users. DTV4All promotes inclusivity.

Why has DTV4All been funded?
The switch-off of analogue television in Europe by 2012 represents both a challenge and an opportunity for access services. It represents a challenge for two very different reasons. Firstly, many people who have had no problems accessing analogue television will experience some difficulty in accessing digital television. The extent of this issue is such that approximately 15% of Europeans have difficulties in accessing digital television for reasons such as:
Hearing impairments
Visual impairments
The complexity of setting up a digital receiver or set-top box
Remote controls they find difficult to use
Electronic Programme Guides (especially when there are over one hundred chan¬nels to choose from)
Submitted by Pilar Orero on Wed, 14/06/2017 - 22:32