Advance solutions for improved accessibility to media, both utilizing and supporting the successful uptake of HbbTV throughout Europe;
Deploy pilot services and validate these in at least three European countries in the context of four different thematic pilots;
Perform expert testing of novel workflows or components thereof the production of accessibility services at European broadcasters;
Evaluate interoperability in a multi-platform environment including also multilingual aspects to test easy solutions for media accessibility;
Benchmark the quality of access services from a user-centric approach and promote accessibility as an added value for education and social inclusion;
Become a major platform in the e-Inclusion economy currently taking place, influencing the economy, and possibly fostering the future market take-up of exciting innovations in conceiving universal accessibility tools and concepts to satisfy the diverse interests of all societal groups.
Submitted by Pilar Orero on Wed, 14/06/2017 - 18:23