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Subtitling multilingual films
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Journal article
European Union
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How to translate films in which more than one language appears is an interesting question to a translator who may not have the full range of possible solutions at hand. Although many approaches to this problem have been advanced, not all offer clear solutions. Of interest are problems relating to the analysis of what the translators have done, and with what quality to decide whether their solutions are satisfactory and what could be done if they are not. It is also interesting to explore if there could be a general solution applicable to more than one case. In this article I will deal not only with these possible solutions for translation when faced with more than one language in the source, but also with what might be done with the use of different dialects or idiolects or sociolects. My proposal will be the use of some features taken from subtitling for the hard of hearing (SHD), such as the use of different colors or the paratextual information within brackets. [Source: Author]
Submitted by Jara Duro Linares on Tue, 07/02/2017 - 09:46